In Marshalltown, Iowa, bringing farm life to the classroom is now possible through Skype technology.  Students may not be familiar with farm life, but they can follow a farmer in his daily life through a program named FarmChat.

Bringing Farm Life to the ClassroomAt Woodbury Elementary, students are learning how agriculture is part of everyday products such as deodorant.  Many of the students have never tilled a field, worked with cattle, or seen or done any ordinary farm tasks.  But through FarmChat over Skype, the fourth graders were able to observe and interact with “Farmer Jim” Moser as he went about his work.

Due to budget constraints, they cannot take the extensive field trips that used to be available.  But the technology allows them to learn in depth about a non-traditional topic.

Videos were made of Moser at his farm, recording his daily tasks and what he wanted to teach. These were presented in 18 to 20 minute segments shown in class. Skyping was set up at the end of the day allowing questions.


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