An elementary school has found that co-teaching results in success for special ed students, and the result is showing in increased special ed proficiency that exceeds the state average.

Co-Teaching Results in Success for Special Ed StudentsAt Duncombe Elementary, a co-teaching model that is unique has  been in effect since the start of the school year for special education students. Duncombe is currently 13 percent above the state average in serving special education students, says Fort Dodge Community School District director of education services Stacey Cole. Duncombe scored 38 percent. The rest of the state of Iowa was at around 25 percent.

A special education teacher and a general education teacher are in the same classroom, serving all students, in this co-teaching model.

“Students with an IEP, Individualized Education Program, are served throughout the day with a general ed teacher and special ed teacher,” Cole said. “That means those two teachers can decide together what that instruction looks like.”

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