American and British students are teaming up as a collaboration across the pond brings a STEM study to life.

Soft SkillsThree uniformed boys appeared on a large screen in the community room of JFK Middle School as seventh graders scooted their chairs toward the front of the room. They waved at each other, saying hello.

“This is how the queen waves!” one student said, while the two classrooms were waving from across the Atlantic.

Then they got down to business, breaking into groups to work on projects pertaining to water quality.

Each team that participates in the Northampton district’s Global STEM project studies different aspects of water purity, from monitoring public water supplies to producing water on the International Space Station. They are collaborating with their peers in the U.K. on projects, and were handpicked for the team.  They also make a commitment to work outside the classroom.

“The really interesting part of this is the opportunity for collaboration, in addition to the project,” says Superintendent John Provost. “It’s preparing students for a future work environment where they may be collaborating with colleagues all over the world.”

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