At Lakeshore Middle School in Stevensville, Michigan, students have been medical detectives in a hands-on exercise of CSI for seventh graders.

CSI for Seventh GradersFor the past few weeks, students have been trying to figure out who is guilty of “murdering” a man in an elevator through a new hands-on science program, Project Lead The Way.

The techniques are sophisticated just like with real CSI labs. Students used gel electrophoresis  to compare the DNA from under the victim’s fingerprints to four suspects.

“It’s really fun as a teacher to teach in this way,” said seventh-grade science teacher Tracy Smith “The kids are pretty excited. … They really do take charge of their own learning here. … They’re so engaged in what they’re doing, discipline has not been a problem at all, for the most part. It’s refreshing as a teacher to see them enjoying it so much.”

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