Every year, Food For America shows children how their food is produced in an annual event organized by the organized by the Bangor and West Salem FFA in Wisconsin.

Food For America Shows Children How Their Food is ProducedThe event is part of a national effort to show students the vital role of agriculture in their daily lives.
“It’s a great experience,” said West Salem Elementary School principal Ryan Rieber. “I know our fourth-grade students enjoyed it.”

Over 200 students were bused to three locations where they were met by over 40 FFA members at each location. They learned about food production and the plants, animals and equipment involved.

Students were able to observe chickens, goats, and horses closely at the fairgrounds. FFA member Dana Carlson introduced the students to the goats. She was surprised at how little the children knew and the questions they asked.

Also at the fairgrounds, FFA member Samantha Antony taught the fourth graders about how chickens are raised, for meat production or laying eggs. One of the boys actually wanted to take one home.

At the farm locations, students learned about how to milk cows, and the equipment used to plant, fertilize, and harvest organic produce.

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