Fourth graders are lobbying legislators on behalf of almonds in California.  The students from Merced want to make the almond the official California nut, and they have been writing letters to their legislators to make it happen.

Fourth Graders are Lobbying Legislators on Behalf of AlmondsFourth grade students from Margaret Sheehy Elementary School believe that almonds are big business in California. They are valued at $4 billion and create over 100,000 jobs. There is a state flower, bird and rock in California, so the students reasoned why not a state nut?

Along with their teacher, Marc Medefind, the students traveled to Sacramento for a hearing of their cause before the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. They brought along mascots from the Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team, Al the almond, Wally the walnut, and Shelly the pistachio.

“We discovered that we were underrepresented because we don’t have an official state nut,” Medefind said. “Other states, such as Arkansas, Texas and Missouri have state nuts but not California.”

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