Technology has opened the door to iCoaches guiding teachers and students into the 21st century classroom.

Guiding Teachers and Students into the 21st Century ClassroomStudents in the Willis Independent School District in Texas are visiting the Grand Canyon, outer space, and the ocean without even leaving class.

“As we keep going through education, technology is not going away– it is what our kids know,” Willis ISD Digital Integration Coordinator Courtney Brown said. “They are fully immersed into technology. We realized we have got to meet their needs and part of meeting their needs is providing teachers with the support they need to be able to reach our kids with the technology tools.”

Hundreds of devices such as tablets, 3D viewfinders, and white boards are just some of the devices that the students have access to thanks to significant investment by the district.

iCoaches provide teacher support for planning, coaching, integration, and modeling. They also provide campus technology support in planning and software. There are staff development tools for teachers and training multiple times a month.

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