Because of a program where high school football players mentor younger children, elementary school kids have some big brothers they can depend on.

Soft SkillsThe football mentorship program is two months old.  It is part of a larger mentoring program at Riverside Elementary in North Myrtle Beach, which has been in place for three years.

Players mentor fourth and fifth grade boys on different topics, such as leadership and peer pressure.  The idea is to reach the younger students before they enter middle school.

After the North Myrtle beach High School football team participated in a Team Dad event at the school, they got involved with mentoring.

“We just come here and talk to them about … how their grades have been, how they’ve been keeping up, if they’ve gotten in trouble lately, which they shouldn’t be getting in trouble,” said football player Torraz Rice. “They’re all good kids, they just mess up sometimes.”

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