A high school health academy prepares students for careers in health care fields, training them in hands-on medical procedures.

High School Health Academy Prepares Students for CareersAt Oceanside High School, Health Academy students learn CPR, phlebotomy, and how to give injections as well as history, English, and math.  The have the opportunity to ride on calls with the Oceanside Fire Department. They practice procedures on each other such as blood draws and injections, and are encouraged to apply for internships with local hospitals.

Originally, 18 year old Kyanna Bess wanted to be a forensic pathologist.  After enrolling in the academy and completing a six week internship at Scripps La Jolla, she changed direction and now wants to enter medical school and become a surgeon.

“My dream has always been to make an impact on the community,” she said. “If I save one person’s life it will affect their whole family, (as well as) the community. Surgeons, they’re heroes. And that’s what I want to be.”

Students in the three year program start with a curriculum in health sciences in the 10th grade.  They take hands-on classes in medical terminology, first responder procedures, medical assisting, and kinesiology. In addition, they take academic courses that are specialized to combine health topics with traditional disciplines.

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