At Will Rogers College High School, the high school students pass college algebra before graduation, allowing them to have a head start at overcoming a major barrier.

Soft SkillsFor the first time since Rogers began offering college level algebra through a partnership with Tulsa Community College, no student have withdrawn from the course. School officials believe that having zero withdrawals was partly achieved through support from a program called Credits Count, which provided people to work with the students in the classroom. The program is funded by a grant from the American Electric Power Foundation.  The course was free for five students who would have had to pay full tuition as a result of being enrolled in two other college-level courses.

The struggle to pass college level math courses is often the obstacle keeping students from completing college, according to Tulsa Community College spokeswoman Nicole Burgin.

“It’s a lot more work being in the college environment with the college standards and the college work. It’s just a lot more,” said 17 year old Tayler Alexander. “And people graduating (from high school) might not necessarily understand that if they don’t take concurrent classes and they just get directly pushed into the college world, they might be overwhelmed.”

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