The classroom is the place for high tech gardening where kids grow food with hydroponics farming.

Kids Grow Food with Hydroponics FarmingAt Palmquist Elementary School, students are growing plants without soil, fertilized by fish. They are learning how plants germinate, and to manage irrigation.

They are also producing food for their school cafeteria and local restaurants. Some of the foods they grow include strawberries, Swiss chard, cilantro, and watercress.  These are grown in the school greenhouse in a hydroponic system. Greens are produced in tubes or stacked towers, and use less water and space than conventional farming.

Outside the greenhouse, there is a connected aquaponics system of planters and fish barrels.  These recycle water and nutrients, as Koi swim in water that is then pumped into the planters.  Fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants filter the water being pumped back to the fish.

“The plants help the fish,” said fifth grader Aiden Gardiner. “It’s kind of like your brain and heart. They work together.”

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