Having kids learn about the video game truck business turned out to be a great opportunity for students to find out about starting a business and solving math problems related to cost and profit.

Kids Learn About the Video Game Truck BusinessAt McClellan Elementary School, fourth graders thought that Principal Justin Liberatore was going to evaluate their video game truck project.  Instead, they were able to go inside an actual video game truck and speak with the owner about the business.

Students were asked by their fourth grade math teacher, Beth Thomas, to research the costs for games, routers, consoles, and a truck to start a make believe video game truck company. They solved a variety of math problems, including the cost of 28 game consoles if each one cost $360.

“They didn’t know how much math they were doing,” Thomas said.

Students calculated how much money was necessary to start the company, and then how much was necessary to pay salaries.  They also had to design the truck and calculate the perimeter. They then created advertising posters for potential names, logos, and slogans.

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