At Douglas Middle School in Alabama, a language arts class connects “The Walking Dead” to schoolwork, thanks in part to a visit from “Walking Dead” cast member and Huntsville native, Danny Vinson.

Soft SkillsDuring the school year, language arts teacher Julie Higdon noticed that her students were connecting events from the popular Television series “The Walking Dead” to their day to day classwork.

“Teaching and learning is more beneficial if students can vest interest in what is being taught,” Higdon said. “Every Monday morning, I try to ask students about their weekend and their weekend activities. This year at Douglas Middle School, I noticed that we had many ‘Walking Dead’ Fans.”

Higdon began having her students analyze literature through the perspective of characters from the series. Her classroom became a scene from the show, eventually spreading to the entire school.

“In language arts, students independently wrote narratives, created comics, animated students and teachers, compared and contrasted various texts, discussed character viewpoints and designed a webpage,” Higdon said. “In math, students worked problems incorporating character names and covered various math standards such as probability.

“A virus epidemic caused the apocalypse epidemic in ‘The Walking Dead’, so science classes incorporated what causes viruses and what vaccines or immunizations treat them. It was a great opportunity for the history teacher to discuss territorial battles and dictatorships.”

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