Kids are learning about storm tracking and being prepared for emergencies, thanks to a local meteorologist who came to visit their physical education class, and show them how some of their favorite activities are linked to science.

Learning About Storm Tracking and Being PreparedAt Eastside Elementary School in Senoia, students eagerly gathered around the Chevy Weather Lab to listen to CBS 46’s Ella Dorsey tell them about how meteorologists track storms. They were able to have the opportunity because their coach decided to relate physical education to science. With the support of Assistant Principal Jim Fowler, Coach Tim Manly contacted CBS 46 to find someone who could present weather-tracking demonstrations

“Mr. Fowler and I jumped at the chance to bring these children something new,” said Coach Manley.

“Weather is pertinent, not only to curricular needs, but it is about safety and weather awareness,” the coach said. “If one child can get from any of this, from any of the curriculums or any demonstrations… if one child can go home and tell folks, ‘Hey, let’s get a weather radio,’ … if we can start them out here, just in the meteorological aspect of ‘Hey, this is the difference between a warning and a watch, this is what you do in a storm, this is what you do to prepare for a storm.’ That moves the curriculum from being hypothetical to real and applicable.”

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