At Miami Middle School in Fort Wayne Indiana, students are mastering math with a food truck business.

Mastering Math With a Food Truck BusinessSixth-grade Miami Middle math teacher Angela Potchka found a lesson plan online about starting a food truck business. She decided to adapt it for use by the sixth graders.

The students first broke into groups and designed their trucks and menus. All items were priced less than a dollar, forcing students to use decimals in addition and subtraction. They also had to calculate the volume and perimeter of the food truck.

“I thought it would be a cool idea to have the food truck vendors come out and talk to them (students) and see the trucks,” Potchka said. Six vendors came to meet with the students.  They included Bravas, Kona Ice, Who Cut the Cheese?, Big Apple Pizza, Big Lacy’s BBQ and King Arthur’s Trolley. Vendors met with the students, answering questions about starting their business, and showing them food truck operations.  However, there were no free samples!

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