In Kentucky, revised state standards could include returning cursive writing to the classroom along with new standards for calculus.

Returning Cursive Writing to the ClassroomA wide range of education legislation was signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin in April.  The Kentucky Department of Education must begin to review all academic standards and assessments.

“I think any time that we go back and look at what we’re doing and try to make it better is a good thing,” said Cindy Beals, high school instructional supervisor and district assessment coordinator for Warren County Public Schools.

Beals believes that the process which involves commentary and review by the general public and educators is positive. In addition, while she believes cursive is a useful skill, she is concerned about the amount of instructional time it may take.

“There’s only so many hours in a day so I don’t know what we’re going to have to take out to put it in,” she said.

“It’s great if anyone can read cursive,” she said. “Can we get by without it? Absolutely.”

“There’s just other things that could be done with that time,” such as more recess time and art, said parent Leslie Birdwhistell. “I would like to see those restored from where they’ve been cut over the years.”

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Returning Cursive Writing to the Classroom