A bond has developed between middle school students and seniors sharing their wisdom.

Seniors Sharing Their WisdomAt Chambersburg Area Middle School South, former teacher Bev Peters was asked to describe what she ate for food in her young years.  She talked about the garden she had with her family.

She recounted to the students how one day it was cloudy and she spent all day weeding.  The next day, she had a strong sunburn.

Peters and other senior citizens were participating in “Share Your Wisdom Day.” For over 20 years, the event has been held annually, giving sixth graders an opportunity to ask senior citizens what their lives were like when they were younger.

According to sixth grade language arts teacher Erin Brookens, approximately 75 percent of the seniors have been participating since before she started teaching at the school

“I think they love interacting with that younger generation and just learning from them, and passing on their information,” she said. “I know that they really enjoy showing pictures and showing their artifacts and really just talking to the students about what they have been through in life.”

At first, students were shy.  They warmed up in small groups, asking questions about advice and wondering what the older person’s first job was like.

“As you walk around, they’re so comfortable and they just have a blast getting to know and learn from the older generation,” Brookens said.

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