Teachers are using the Broadway play “Hamilton” in lesson plans at schools in Maine and throughout the nation.

Teachers are Using the Broadway Play "Hamilton" in Lesson PlansAt Gorham Middle School in Maine, students have been given an important social studies assignment. They need to write a new song for “Hamilton”.  It seems that award winning playwright and composer Lin-Manuel Mirand needs a new song for the show.

“They were phenomenal,” said teaching intern Pamela Marshall.  She created the “Hamilton” lesson. “The best thing is they surprised themselves.”

The wildly popular rap musical on Broadway about the life of Alexander Hamilton has inspired schools across the country to use it to teach history.

In 2015, the Hamilton Education Program was created with a $1.5 million grant by The Rockefeller Foundation to the Gilder Lehrman Institute. Online lesson plans related to the musical, along with links to historical documents, videos, essays, and $10 tickets for low-income students are available on the website.

“I was quietly confident that we’d get lots of school groups,” Lin-Manuel Miranda told Newsweek. “History teachers have been using the White House clip since it went up in 2009, so I knew they’d come see the finished product and hopefully bring their students. Everyone else has been a revelation.”

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