A tiny house built by elementary students will extend the classroom so that they have a work area, reading nook, or a math center.

The recent ribbon cutting ceremony was the completion of a solid year of work at John Sinnot Elementary School, as students designed and built a tiny house with the help of parents, teachers and local businesses.

Soft SkillsThe tiny home is a 200 square foot residence.  It is project based learning in action, as students gained knowledge and expanded their skills by working on it for an extended period of time.

“The ribbon cutting was phenomenal. I didn’t really realize how many people supported us in this journey until I started thanking them,” said project lead teacher Rita Maultsby. “I feel like all of them should be publicly thanked for their commitment, generosity, and dedication to our staff and students.”

Maultsby says that the tiny house is dedicated to students and staff so they can  “have a ‘cool’ place to be inspired and to enjoy time in this home for years to come.”

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