A tiny house built by students fits in a storage container, and it’s for sale.

Soft SkillsAt the Linn County Center of Kirkwood Community College in Hiawatha, Iowa, a tiny house built by high school students will be auctioned.  The 266 square foot home is complete witha Murphy bed, gas range stove, cable TV, and recessed lighting.

The community college program is one of over two dozen “high school academies” at Kirkwood, where students earn credit for both high school and college.

Tiny homes are becoming popular, thanks to home design television programs.

“It’s been embraced by popular culture,” said Kirkwood spokeswoman Tierney Hein. “To be a part of that is really exciting for (students).”

According to Kirkwood officials, the finished house is worth $24,000. Homes under 640 square feet are not allowed in Linn County, so prospective buyers are encouraged to contact their local building and zoning departments for the regulations in their area.

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