A ten minute workout session is a brain booster for students who are preparing for state standardized testing.

Workout Session is a Brain BoosterAt Madison Middle School, sixth grade students blow off steam before taking their state mandated standardized math tests by stepping up through a course of boxes snaking throughout the building. The workout course was designed by the physical education instructors to give students a chance to stimulate their brains with physical activity.

The brain-booster sessions are ten minutes each morning, and consist of various aerobic exercises at stations arranged through the building and finishing with a snack.

“The Physical Education Department came up with this after a national physical education conference we attended in Boston in mid-March,” said physical education teacher Janet Sovey who is responsible for the wellness program for employees. During the conference, educators were challenged to become physical activity directors for their entire schools.

“So we took that challenge literally and thought we’d like to get the whole school active,” she said.

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