Chesapeake Sport Pilot helped young aviators learn about the joy of flying by hosting free youth flights in light sport craft planes. At the Bay Bridge Airport in Stevensville Maryland, students flew in the planes over Chesapeake Bay with professional pilots.

Young Aviators Learn About the Joys of FlyingStudents met with Dave Manion, a ground instructor who explained about the types of aircraft that flew out of the airport that day. They learned about the Cessna Skycatcher, and the lightweight CubCrafters  Carbon Cub SS, inspired by the classic Piper Cub design with pontoons for a water landing.

Another craft flying from the airport during the students’ visit was a Sea-Ray, a light sport plane which can travel up to 55 mph on the water, according to Manion.

The CSP Young Aviators program is organized by Chesapeake Sport Pilot volunteers who want to introduce the next generation to flying. Many of the volunteer pilots learned to fly at CSP.  The program offers children the chance to fly with the volunteer pilots on a short 20 minute flight around Kent Island. It is open to all children who are residents of Queen Anne’s County, ages 8-17.

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