Here’s a way to get students involved in math – a 100s outdoor grid puts students in the midst of math lessons!

100s Outdoor Grid Puts Students in the Midst of Math LessonsAt Forestdale School, a 100s grid was painted on the school basketball court.  It is an enlarged version of a grid that students use in class. On the enlarged outdoor version, they move their bodies to calculate the answers to math problems.

Amy Reiber teaches second grade. She uses the grid for math games.  She asks her students – what is a two digit number that is less that eight plus eight, more than six plus six, and is even.

Her students rushed to stand by the number 14.

“I have a student who struggles in a numbers sense,” Ms. Reiber said. “But using this, he is having fun and is engaged.”

Teachers will reserve time on the outdoor math grid in the same way they reserve library time.

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