Middle school students have a reason to smile as a 4-H Camp takes flight.

Soft SkillsAt the Benton County Fairground, a dozen 4-H campers laughed as the glider planes they built from balsa wood flew and did loops, or crashed in epic style.

The camp is being put on for students in Monroe and Corvallis, Oregon. It focuses on introduction to STEM careers.

The lesson on flight and drones was taught by Oregon State University Extension Service employee Victor Villegas.  They also learned about forensics from fairgrounds manager Lynne McKee, who constructed a fake murder scene.  She is a former FBI employee.

Future activities include a trip to Beazell Memorial Forest and a rafting trip.

According to Jody Emerson, the organizer of 4-H enrichment programs with OSU Extension, the camp experience is important for students outside school, as they have new experiences and are introduced to career options without pressure.

“We’re trying to open doors for them so they realize you don’t have to be a genius to do these things,” she said. “These jobs are done by real, everyday people.”

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