A helping hand gives homeless people a second wind, thanks to Holley High School students and the work they have done to build Second Wind Cottages, a haven for homeless men.

Outdoor Learning Center was Designed by Seventh GradersA plot of land in Newfield, New York, contains tiny houses that are homes to homeless men. Eventually there will be a total of 18 tiny houses, with three cottages being bult next year to complete the plan.

The students have a big undertaking ahead of them. “I was excited and skeptical at the same time,” admitted Sue Cory, school principal. However, after two full days of work, the building was completed. Cory is planning to bring the students back next year to build another house.

The house was assembled on the Holley campus, and then taken apart partially and reassembled at Second Wind. Grand money and funds from the school budget funded the project. There were also donations of some items.

“We could have the students just build walls and throw them away,” Principal Cory said. “This is having them build walls and then using them. I think they take pride in the practical use of it.”


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