Students learned that by studying the lives of famous people and recreating them, a night at the wax museum brings history to life.

A Night at the Wax Museum Brings History to LifeFourth grade students in Shanda Piercy’s classes at Mead Hall Episcopal School showcased the historical figures during a “Night at the Wax Museum” presentation at the school for family and friends. They dressed in costumes appropriate to the era, portraying presidents and prime ministers, scientists and inventors, civil rights icons, abolitionists, and businessmen and businesswomen.

“Studying a person’s life teaches students the facts, but learning a person’s story teaches them very important life lessons such as failing and getting back up and standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves,” said Piercy. “It helps the kids realize that people become who they are because of their grit. We talked a lot about having grit and what it took for their characters to succeed.

“These are important life lessons for the kids to learn because they’re going to have bumps and bruises along the road. They need to learn that it’s OK to fail, but we get back up and keep trying no matter what life brings us.”

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