Adopting a digital science curriculum means that students will be studying science with computers instead of textbooks. Next fall, Fremont and Joseph Lane middle schools in the Roseburg Public School system will be studying science using computers.

Adopting a Digital Science Curriculum“Science makes sense for a digital adoption because it’s a field that changes frequently,” said Roseburg Public Schools director of teaching and learning Robert Emerson. “A digital curriculum means whenever there are changes in the science content, the curriculum can be updated immediately.”

Textbooks often necessitate waiting to update a curriculum for seven to ten years, depending on restrictions of the budget.

The curriculum called STEMscopes was adopted in April, but the RPS school board just approved the necessary technology purchase last week. The curriculum and 250 Chromebooks will cost about $135,000, roughly the same amount as textbooks. This also includes costs for lab materials.

The digital science curriculum itself cost about $72,000, with the Chromebook computers costing about $50,000, plus the cost for computer storage carts and teacher training.

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