An endless summer of equations awaits over 2,000 California middle schools students who struggle with math, and they are volunteering to give up carefree summer activities to learn algebra.

More Chances for Outdoor Learning When Teachers CollaborateElevate is a free math camp funded by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.  It aims to give kids who are just below average in math an academic boost. Over 30 school districts will be participating. Next year the will expand to Southern California.

Students are selected to participate in Elevate who are near standards. It’s not for catching up or making up units, it is aimed to help struggling students succeed the following year. Students  “go from struggling in math to being the smart one in the class,” said Colleen Thomas, Elevate’s senior program manager.

“This isn’t remedial education. This is about staying on track to meet college entrance requirements later on,” Thomas said. “If students fall behind in 8th grade, their success rate in high school is much lower. That’s why we want to catch them in middle school and get them back on track.”

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