Fifth grade students were bringing the American Revolution to life in a Revolutionary War reenactment project, taking on various roles of historical figures.

Bringing the American Revolution to LifeAt Victoria Elementary School in San Bernardino, students recreated events of the American Revolution. “I just wanted to be in character,” said Juan Pjeda, who played George Washington. “George Washington inspired a lot of people to fight during the American Revolution and that helped us gain our freedom.”

The entire fifth grade class participated in the program “Walk Through the Revolution” in three assemblies. The students raised $2,000 to pay for the assemblies, which were led by California Weekly Explorer.  The group leads interactive historical presentations in schools across the state.

Students spent several weeks researching their roles, from all sides. This was the second year that the program took place at Victoria.

“We make sure that they understand this is an experience for them,” said said Marlaena Slocum, a Victoria fifth-grade teacher and activity organizer, “and that this is connected to their learning, that it is important for them to learn about history and to reshape their future.”

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