Middle school students are building the lifelong habit of fitness with running, through the Bolder Boulder program.

Building the Lifelong Habit of Fitness with RunningRunning as a family is one way to encourage fitness habits in children.  Heather Maitre remembers growing up in New Jersey, where her family had an annual tradition of running a 5 mile race at the Jersey Shore every Memorial Day weekend. The lifelong habit of running came early, and she is working to pass it on to her children.

She is running with two of her daughters and six of their classmates and mothers from Steamboat Springs Middle School as part of Colorado’s premier running event, Bolder Boulder.  Over 2,000 people from 100 schools are participating.

Maitre’s group of girls have glued sparkles on their sneakers, and wore their race shirts to school recently.

“These girls are just over-the-moon psyched,” Maitre said.

“My father actually somehow got me to like running, even though running is hard to do,” she continued. “It’s hard to run a 10K. It’s been helpful to me throughout my life. After having kids, it helps you get in shape again. It gets you outside. It gives you confidence. One other thing is teaching them that you can do anything you put your mind to, even when it seems really hard. With girls, confidence is key.”

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