An AP Calculus student project helps younger kids understand math, and the students are giving back to their community, helping others to understand everything from decimals and fractions to the Fibonacci sequence.

Calculus Student Project Helps Younger Kids Understand MathAccording to teacher Deb Prowse, the project was intended to be a gift the students could bestow on the younger children as well as the general community. Some of the projects were simple, designed especially for children, but some of the projects included complex mathematical formulas and concepts.

Some of the group projects included a new flower garden illustrating the Fibonacci numerical sequence to a pool noodle device that illustrated fractions.

“These students will be able to spread their knowledge in creative ways to other students and teachers throughout our district. I love the mathematics behind the arts, the music, the games, the pictures and the student pride,” said math coach Belinda McCarthy.

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Calculus Student Project Helps Younger Kids Understand Math