Thinking beyond the classroom and focusing on bigger issues has given middle school students a chance to answer the challenge to make a difference.

Challenge to Make a DifferenceAt Kopachuck Middle School, Kelle Bryson assigned her eighth grade language arts class a multimedia project bringing attention to an important issue of national or global significance.

The “Challenge to Make a Difference Multimedia Campaigns” involve collaboration between groups of two or three students to teach their classmates about the issue they have chosen,  and demonstrate how to take action.

“The whole idea is that they might only be 13- or 14-year-old kids, but they do have the power to make a difference,” Bryson said. “So often we think we can’t make a difference and we can — even if it’s tiny.”

Students chose their own topic, and focused on issues such as animal cruelty, suicide prevention, littering, bullying and internet safety.

Groups used different types of media to communicate their message.  Social media sites, posters placed at the school and original videos were some of the media that students used.

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