This summer, a coding camp gets kids interested in programming, and students are learning all about science and new technologies.

Coding Camp Gets Kids Interested In ProgrammingA coding camp set up at New College Institute in Martinsville featured drones, robots, and microcontrollers

“It’s important to get kids interested in STEM and programming,” said John Hatchett, assistant program director for NCI’s Academy for Engineering and Technology. “Everything’s going to computers.”

The purpose of the camp is to show students an advanced level of technology, which might be encountered by engineers, and encourage them to consider these important careers.

At coding camp, the kids learned “the logical process of solving problems,” Hatchett said. “You keep on working through a problem to solve it. You don’t give up half way.”

Students used their brains to figure out how the objects they interacted with could be controlled.

“We did a lot of hands-on activities, especially the robot,” Hatchett said.

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