Conquering math phobia with fun at math camp can be a challenge, but Cormac McCarthy doesnt want students to be afraid of math

Conquering Math Phobia with Fun at Math CampMcCarthy uses physical props and innovative teaching methods in his approach.  He is the owner of 21st Century Teaching, which is hosting two five day educational camps.  The first is a math camp, and the second focuses on STEM subjects.

“We’re going to work through a lot of algebra in five days,” McCarthy said. “It’s efficient learning. Speedy, yet very efficient learning.”

Grasping concepts is much easier when students work with chess pieces, boxes and scales. The math camp in an introduction to algebra. One method he uses to make things clear is to use a scale with weighted objects on each end.  When objects are removed from one side, it is balanced by removing objects from the other side.

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