High school students designing a seating plan for Gillette Stadium using geometry got a bonus of a tour of the Patriots Hall of Fame and a better understanding of how professional sports arenas are designed.

Soft SkillsOliver Ames High School geometry students calculated the seating options for Gillette stadium in partnership with The Hall at Patriots Place, a center sponsored by Raytheon which highlights the Patriots’ history and incorporates STEM learning into the Hall of Fame.

The field trip taken by Kerri Murphy’s freshman math class was called a “pilot field trip” by department chair Mary Romans.

The students received four different design scenarios at The Hall, to design a hypothetical new section at Gillette Stadium.  The idea was to do it is a real world application

“The students were fantastic,” said Romans, who accompanied Murphy and the students on the field trip. “When they got there, they got right to work, and when they debriefed, they had some great questions about the different scenarios.”

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