High school students tackled a fun and intricate project, designing the World Birding Center Tower in a series of rounded platform sections.

Soft Skills“We were going for the way birds might lay their nests,” said Javier Sanchez, a senior in Michelle Honl’s architecture design class.

He mentioned how the prototype structure emulated nature. “This would be organic, like nature.”

Architecture design students from Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South presented their final projects of the year to Honl and Cecilia Lamardo, a critiquer from Tampa, Florida. Students visited the World Birding Center in Mission, Texas,  earlier in the year for their project – designing an observation tower.

“This project was inspired after I visited the World Birding Center in Mission and noticed they only had one tower for the amount of land and location,” Honl said. “I wanted the students to have an opportunity to design something that could make a difference in a real world environment.”

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