Middle school students are ending the school year with community service, in lieu of the usual end of year exams, in class movies, and turning in textbooks. In the process, they are learning new skills and developing new interests.

Ending the School Year With Community ServiceThere were 28 diifferent projects for the students to choose from, each sponsored by a teacher at Hillwood Middle School who had a passion for a particular charity or activity.

The variety of projects was impressive.  They ranged from helping with horses at an equine therapy center to supporting police officers, crocheting hats for newborns, or making a documentary.  The projects allowed students to learn new skills while helping others.

“This is a chance for them to learn all the ways they can give back to their community,” said Hillwood principal Kathleen Eckert. Most of the activities involved some sort of field trip.

The expenses of transportation and other costs for the three and a half days of community service were paid for by a grant from the Hudson Foundation. The program is known as YES – Year End Studies.

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