Students are experiencing conservation first hand with water testing and a release of trout they raised in their classroom. Charles City Middle School eighth graders released trout into Spring Creek, northwest of Orchard, Iowa.

Experiencing Conservation First HandThree extracurricular clubs participated – Trout in the Classroom, Conservation and Society and Fly Fishing Club.  All clubs meet during the school day, led by middle school social studies teacher, Ryan Rahmiller.

“We talk about the conservation issues and the legislative issues,” Rahmiller said. “Today is the culminating event, where we released a little over 100 trout.”

They conducted water tests at Spring Creek, measuring several factors including velocity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. They caught and identified different organisms to determine the water quality using nets. They also released the trout they had been raising for the past six months in their classroom.

“We’ve been doing this in a tank we have at the school,” Logan Luft said. “We take daily tests and feed the trout.

“Basically, we raise them from eggs we got from Montana all the way to fingerlings. And today, we released them, so that’s our end product.”

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