Girls encountered zombies at STEAM summer camp at Minnesota State University, and they had to respond by helping their friends with prosthetic legs designed from scavenged materials.

Soft SkillsThe staged apocalypse was part of the third annual Girls Explore STEAM Summer Camp. The objective of the camp is to encourage girls to consider STEM careers, and provide art enrichment.

For the first two years, the camp provided an assortment of STEM activities. This year, prosthetics was the main theme. The apocalypse challenge was led by MSU seniors Mercedez Johnson and Rebecca O’Hotto. The challenge was to use materials from around the house and work in groups of four or five to design and build prosthetic legs.

Perhaps the most challenging part of the task besides the design was figuring out how to attach the prosthetic to the victim’s knee.  Students playing the part of victims. bent their lower legs behind them as part of the simulation.

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