Fifth graders are having fun with math, building a miniature golf course which they can play on. At Alvin Elementary, math teacher Barbie Hicks has literally scored a hole-in-one with the project which shows students how to relate math to real life.

Having Fun With Math“This started out as a way to relate math to real life,” she said. “I was wondering what can I do to interest my fifth-graders.”

The students studied shapes, and put together a plan for a 14 hold miniature golf course that they could play on.

In addition to math, there was also creativity. “I had them incorporate every aspect of education such as reading, history and science,” Hicks said.

Hicks’ goal was to have children lose the fear of math, easing the struggle some experience.  She remembers that struggle well from her own childhoodl.

“I told my father one day: I am never going to understand math,” she said about a time she was learning fractions. Her father pulled out a tape measure and showed her how fractions are divided. That visual help worked for her, she said.

“I don’t want them to hate math. I want them to remember fifth-grade math as a good time,” Hicks said.

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