A group of high school seniors inspire grade school kids by visiting elementary schools and taking a victory lap through the schools wearing their caps and gowns.  The intent is to show the kids that high school graduation is possible.

High School Seniors Inspire Grade School KidsJuneau-Douglas High School seniors enjoyed the parade through different schools. “They (were) excited and I went to school there so it was kind of cool getting to do it as a senior and going back,” said senior Rena Nauer.

Nauer believes that the walk is a good idea as it is fun and may have a positive effect on younger children.

“It’s probably, like, cool getting to see the older kids, like, realizing that’s where you’re going to want to be when you’re older and be, like, ‘Oh my God, that’s going to be me soon,’” she said. “So maybe they’re just, like, looking forward to it.”

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