A group of teens found that historical re-enactments engage students in reliving moments in history.

Historical Re-enactments Engage StudentsHistory is not boring for students at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek while they share re-enactments with fifth-graders at Meadow Homes Elementary in Concord.

“We’re essentially bringing the museum to them,” said Northgate junior Eli Stark-Elster, reflecting on the experience  of sharing the cultural outing with younger students.

His peers taught the children about the Wild West.  They showed the students dances, wore cowboy hats and bandanas, and told them about a time when children did chores that were important to keeping the family safe and secure.

“They really brought (history) to life,” said 11-year-old Juan Gutierrez.

“It helped me make a movie in my mind about what really happened,” added Jessica Espinoza. 11 year old Edwin Aguirre found that the ingenuity of the Boston Tea Party colonists was inspirational. “They were smart because they dressed like the Native Americans,” he said.

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