Seventh graders are developing a connection to their community, learning empathy through student projects that research important issues.

More Chances for Outdoor Learning When Teachers CollaborateAt Somersworth Middle School, students are developing a connection to causes and developing concern for others.

Seventh grade social studies teacher Kaley Waterman has been working with approximately 125 students on projects connected to social studies and language arts connected to the theme of empathy.

“Students chose topics such as homelessness, suicide prevention, animal cruelty, bullying,” Waterman said. “They have put together some great presentations and really learned from it.”

The presentations the students are making to their peers include posters, handouts, and videos.  There is also a donation box if people feel inclined

Projects included raising awareness of rare forms of childhood cancer, homelessness among veterans, gender stereotypes, and children who are refugees. They raised money for recognized charitable organizations that address these issues in the community, with fundraising events and sales.

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