Students who participate in the STEM guitar project at Boulder City High School are learning the science of music.

More Chances for Outdoor Learning When Teachers CollaborateThese students may have never actually played a guitar, but they know everything about how the instrument is supposed to work and what it takes to make it produce a beautiful sound.

During the past semester, the students in Joshua Fisher’s beginning marketing class have taken on a challenge, building guitars and creating marketing plan s for them. This was done as part of a pilot class for the first time that teaches STEM skills.

“It’s weird to think I made this,” said Erin Cowley, displaying her lime green guitar for sponsors from the Rotary Club of Boulder City.

Cowley told of her experience, speaking of challenges she encountered.  The idea behind building guitars was to get educators excited about teaching STEM principles using the guitars. A four year grant from the National Science Foundation funded the faculty workshop of five days about using an electric guitar to teach math and science.

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