Students who rely on the federal school lunch program are now able to Meet Up and Eat Up, thanks to a summer program funded by the USDA and administered by the Michigan Department of Education. At Meet Up and Eat Up, low-income Michigan children have the chance to eat nutritious meals in their neighborhoods during the summer months, provided by community partners.

Meet Up and Eat UpDuring the school year, 535,000 low-income Michigan children receive meals at school. Fewer than 85,000 eat meals or snacks at meal sites in their neighborhoods during the summer.

“Too many families across Michigan are struggling, and we can’t have children going hungry in the summer when programs like this are available,” State Superintendent Brian Whiston said.

In addition to food, many locations provide fun activities to encourage the children to come, and to socialize.

“It’s exciting to offer food, educational enrichment, physical activity and social engagement throughout the summer months,” said Amy Sheele, health educator with the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

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