A middle school garden club wants a greener world, and they are active during the summer, growing tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, and snap peas.

Soft SkillsTwo years ago, science students were learning about climate change. They decided to take what they were learning a step further, and so the Hays Middle School Garden Club was started.

“We learned that little things affect a lot of people,” said eighth graders Isis Norris. “We get to talk to people at the farmer’s market about our project.”

The garden is organic, and students use a variety of soils, including compost and manure. They have built their own compost bin on site, and are using some of the compost from the bin.

There is also an indoor garden tower, where students plant seeds in clay disks, and plants are grown hydroponically. With artificial light, the club grows chard and basil year round.

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