Adding a few minutes to the school day along with a new math curriculum gives students more opportunities to learn, and supports those who are struggling.

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“I don’t think there’s anything drastic we have planned,” said principal Larry Connelly at a meeting of school directors. “At the same time, any changes can be challenging sometimes, so I want to make sure you’re aware why we’re proposing these changes and moving forward with this.”

Teachers sounded the alarm that change was needed when they learned that middle school students get only half as much math instructional time as third to fifth graders. Lower grades received 90 minutes but sixth graders only received 43 minutes when they entered middle school.  This continued through middle school, despite the fact that the classes are more advanced and need to prepare students for high school math, including algebra.

“We quickly identified that as a need of how we can find ways to find time to meet the needs of our students for both instructional purposes as well as intervention purposes,” Connelly said.

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