A new science club for girls has started in the Wyckoff, New Jersey school district, and the rising interest is attributed to the popularity of comic book superheroes.

New Science Club For GirlsAt Eisenhower Middle School, the new STEM Club for Girls is attracting comic  book fans. “The reason I got interested in STEM was because of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner,” said the 12-year-old Andrea, referring to Iron Man and the Hulk. “They’re my favorites. I just like the way they work, and I want to become my own superhero. And I like to build and design.”

Young girls like Andrea tend to lose interest in STEM subjects as they get older.  So the Wyckoff school district began the science oriented club just for the girls in fourth through eighth grade. The response from the girls has been so great that the club has been full at three schools, dividing into split sessions at Washington School.

District supervisor of curriculum and instruction Grace White credits the enthusiastic response to a girls only environment.

“What does the title ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ tell them?” said White. “All those things are ‘not for you.'”

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