An intermediate school is partnering with a university for health and fitness to help parents and children fight childhood obesity.

Partnering with a University for Health and FitnessAt Carrigan School in West Haven Connecticut, students and families are learning about nutrition and active lifestyles with help from the University of New Haven.  They will help dietetics professor Anne Davis with her research, and hopefully have some fun while they are learning and providing important data.

The program is called “Chomp ‘n Stomp to Your Best Fitness.”

The students are wearing Sqord electronic activity monitors all summer.  “It measures all the movement,” said 11 year old Abigail Phelan.

Davis hooked up her classmate, Olivia Trenchard to some electrodes on her middle finger, wrist, toes, and ankle. These connected to a bioelectrical impedance analysis machine in the school nurses’ office. The machine measures body mass, including the ratio of fat to bone, water, and muscle.

“Typically, when there are programs” that study childhood obesity, “they just look at height and weight,” Davis said. “We’re going deeper” to study body composition and do exercise testing, she said.

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