Next fall, a school basement becomes a new STEAM lab at Rapoport Academy in Waco, Texas.

Soft SkillsThe North Elementary campus basement is scheduled to become a lab for science, technology, engineering, art, and math before school opens.  Construction is now underway so that students can work on STEAM projects in one location.

The project is scheduled to cost nearly $300,000 and will create the lab for second through fourth grade students. The new lab will allow the school to turn the current reading, science and art rooms into three other classrooms, and also add a new STEAM and science teacher.

“[The lab] brings it more from being just a part of the class to a focused, dedicated curricular space. For us at Rapoport, every student, every day has exposure to STEAM-related industries, content, projects and problems,” said Superintendent Alexis Neumann. “That’s what this is going to help us do for second- through fourth-grade students.”

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